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Puppies are happy with three to four smaller portions spread throughout the day, from the first birthday onwards you usually serve the dog two meals a day.

Of course you can do this if your dog tolerates it well and is used to both types of food. If you prefer a mixed diet, we recommend feeding the dry food in the morning and the wet food in the evening, as this is digested more quickly and your dog's organism has less to do at night.

We have developed our wet food varieties together with nutritional experts and veterinarians according to international guidelines. As a complete food, they provide him with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements he needs for a healthy and long dog life.

In the PUR varieties, we process the most sought-after types of meat as a single-protein variant. These menus are also complete foods. This means you can serve them to your dog on their own or refine them with the WOW 100% Vegetable & Fruit Mix - for an extra vitamin boost, e.g. during the coat change.

At WOW, we prefer to work with regional ingredients from farms that we stand behind with a clear conscience. The food is 100% produced in the green heart of Austria. Carefully, with the highest standards and lots of love.

Our WOW complete feeds always contain the ideal ratio of calcium and phosphorus according to FEDIAF guidelines - which means they provide your pet with all the necessary nutrients. You won't find any exact information on the packaging, as the phosphorus requirement is covered by the natural raw materials and is therefore subject to natural fluctuations.

Die Kroketten unseres schmackhaften Trockenfutters gibt’s in zwei verschiedenen Größen: die Mini-Kroketten mit 8 mm Durchmesser sind im 1-kg-Sack erhältlich und für kleine bis mittelgroße Hunde geeignet. Alle größeren Hunde freuen sich über die Kroketten mit 12 mm Durchmesser mit extra viel Biss, die wir in die 6- und 12-Kilo-Säcke gefüllt haben.

Please take a look at the packaging of the dry food: Here we have listed exactly how much food we recommend for which body weight. The amounts given are always a guideline - the actual amount you need to feed your dog will depend on his age, breed and activity level.

Make sure you feed him the right amount so he gets all the important nutrients but doesn't put on weight. 

We have developed our dry food varieties together with nutritional experts and veterinarians according to international guidelines. As a complete food, they provide him with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements he needs. You can either feed the dry food 100% or combine it with our wet food.

Every dog has different preferences and each type of feeding has its advantages:

Wet food is closest to the natural diet of your dog's ancestors, dry food is handy and practical to give. Just find out what works best for your dog. Many dogs also like a combination of wet and dry food. 

No, WOW dry food can also be given pure. Thanks to the modern production process, the food does not swell in the stomach and is easy to digest. Of course, you must make sure that your dog drinks enough - always provide him with fresh water. 

As soon as they are interested, puppies can eat all snacks from the WOW range. The WOW Superfood Soft Snacks, which can also be individually portioned, are suitable for rewarding in between meals. During training, WOW Bio Paté can be easily fed straight from the tube. If activity and dental care are on the agenda, we recommend our WOW Natural Chews - the rabbit ears are also ideal for puppies and small dogs. 

All WOW Snacks are also suitable for older dogs, as the Natural Chews, Superfood Soft Snacks and Organic Liver Pate taste great to older dogs. Dogs that have sensitive teeth due to their age should not be given the Natural Chews beef head skin, as these are intended for dogs with a strong chewing apparatus. 

If you have already opened the organic paté, please store it in the fridge. The liver paté consists exclusively of organic chicken meat and organic chicken liver. We do not put preservatives in the tube! If you take it out of the fridge to treat your pet to it again, it is best to wait a few minutes, as food that is cold in the fridge does not sit well with dogs and the pâté has the ideal consistency at room temperature.

With other snacks, sugar alcohol is often added to make them soft. Out of love for our four-legged friends, we do without this and make them soft and durable through a special air-drying process. The result: natural snacks - and of course much healthier. 

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Yes, even sensitive dog tummies can enjoy sustainable, healthy chewing fun! The Natural Dentals are gently air-dried, produced without grain, added sugar or salt and developed according to a low-fat and low-calorie recipe.

The sodium hexametaphosphate contained in Natural Dentals can prevent the formation of tartar and help reduce calculus.

Fein abgestimmte Inhaltsstoffe, wie Granatapfel, Pfefferminz- oder Kokosöl, können dazu beitragen, die Bildung von Plaque zu reduzieren. Mit einer speziell entwickelten Form und einer elastisch-resistenten Struktur, die die Säuberung der Zähne besonders gut unterstützt, können Futterreste entfernt werden und das Zahnfleisch wird zusätzlich massiert.

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