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Natural Dentals | Small & Midi
Dog dental care
with poultry & pomegranate
from €3.59
€19.94 / 1 kg
Natural Dentals | Maxi
Dog dental care
with poultry & pomegranate
from €4.49
€16.33 / 1 kg
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80% of all dogs
have bad teeth
Are you ready to join us in the fight
against bad teeth
with us?

Brushing your teeth was yesterday - NATURAL DENTALS are today! Why fight with a toothbrush and unhealthy toothpaste, when dental care can be so easy and tasty.

Enjoying WOW NATURAL DENTALS every day can make a lasting contribution to improving your dog's dental health. How does it work? With the best ingredients that can naturally help reduce the formation of plaque. With a specially developed shape and an elastic-resistant structure that supports the cleaning of the teeth particularly well. This allows food debris to be removed, and the gums are additionally massaged and supplied with blood while chewing.

Be there to improve the dental health of your dog and provide the best basis for a healthy dog life.

Toothbrush was yesterday
Smart dogs chew Natural Dentals!

Did you know that daily dental care can help dogs stay healthy and happy? Because health starts in the mouth! So dogs of all sizes can get a taste of our NATURAL DENTALS, the healthy chewing fun comes in two sizes. SMALL & MIDI for puppies from four months, small and medium-sized dogs and MAXI for large and very large dogs from about 20 kg.

Light chewing fun
Reduced fat content

Dental care should not affect your figure - that is why we have developed a calorie-reduced recipe for WOW NATURAL DENTALS. For lasting, healthy chewing pleasure without weight gain! 

WOW Tip: As with the feeding of all treats & chews, the daily feeding amount should be reduced by the calories of NATURAL DENTALS.